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At a PCC meeting in January 2023 a discussion was held regarding the work we do as a church. Outreach is at the top of the list and we will be concentrating our efforts on new ideas and ventures.

We already support many charities they are listed on this website but we are always willing to spring into action when there is need. Suggestions are invited for charities we should concentrate on this year.

Collections continue for the food bank. We are so grateful for your contributions and we are sure that each and every gift is welcomed and worthwhile however small.

So with all this in mind, please pray for this work.

Heavenly Father,

Here we are at the beginning of a bright new year. Be with us as we do our best to serve. Give us inspiration, compassion love and strength as we try our best to Live Christs Story.

We ask this in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ



The Church is the heart of our community

We offer a warm welcome to everyone.

We provide a safe and welcoming church community, accepting and caring to all people enabling them to grow their relationship with God through Worship, Fellowship and Prayer. St John the Baptist Church Wilberfoss is a Church of England Parish Church serving the people of Wilberfoss, Kexby and Newton upon Derwent within the Diocese of York. The Church is situated on the edge of the East Riding of Yorkshire nestling at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds with The City of York to the west.

Stained glass window which reads, Look for me and you will find me

As you enter into our beautiful Church to worship, to pray, for peace or to view the architecture take a minute to reflect on the beauty of the window in the porch door. “Look for me and you will find me”.

The design depicts a rainbow, placed in the heavens after the Flood as a visible sign of God’s love for Mankind, and is included in the window at the special wish of the donor. It is appropriate that it is seen best as you leave the church and go out into the world – God’s promise goes with you.

The design also incorporates a wave form (water being one of the necessary things to make a rainbow) which could alternatively be read as a sheltering wing and as an expression of the Holy Spirit. The glass chosen for this part of the window contains many small bubbles that catch the light as drops of water do.

Because the glass is in the porch, light does not always flood through the stained glass.

The appearance and mood of the window changes as it is viewed, depending on the amount of light shining through. Because of the way the rainbow itself has been constructed, some of the colours are ‘lost’ from time to time depending on the amount of light available. And so it can be in our own experience of life…..

The text is taken from a popular bereavement poem, “Look for me in rainbows” but the wording also occurs in similar forms in various parts of the Bible, e.g. Jeremiah 29:13 and Deuteronomy 4:29. The second “me” is enclosed in a cruciform halo to subtly reinforce the message of the Church: as you walk into the building, looking, you will find Christ.

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