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We Have A New Vicar

To the congregation and village community.

A global pandemic is changing everyone’s way of life, the church included. A normal interregnum (period without a vicar in post) can last around 2 years, but in these times, it could take up to 5 years. With this in mind and following due discussion and process we are pleased to announce that our Parish will be going forward and linking with the Stamford Bridge group of Parishes for a period of at least 2 years. This will give us chance to really grow together with shared resources, talents and faith, whilst also
planning for the future.

On Thursday 11th March at 7.30pm The Revd Simon Pritchard will be Licensed to serve as our Priest in Charge by Bishop John of Selby. Everyone is warmly invited to join in this service via Zoom, details are available by emailing Stevepercival@hotmail.co.uk

We know there will be many questions in the coming weeks and months of how we can all work together, patterns of services etc. please bear with us whilst all the details are put in place. The start and end of an interregnum is always an unknown step, but we know Simon has excellent experience of working with village parishes, schools and families and we are looking forward to our journey in faith alongside a new team with Christ at our heart.

Diane & Rose

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