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On 13 September 2021 the PCC approved the proposed installation of a semi-automatic external defibrillator – to be fixed on the west elevation of the entrance porch to the church, for community emergency use.

AEDs save lives

The biggest advantage of an AED in the workplace and community is simple – it could save a life. Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults over the age of 40. Unfortunately, the survival rate from cardiac arrest is currently poor – only around 10% of people survive.

It’s a fact that Emergency Ambulance response times in rural areas across England are longer than those in urban areas due to the fact that Ambulance resources nationally are deployed to areas of high demand which is why Community based defib schemes are a crucial factor in both assisting the local Ambulance Service & more importantly saving lives. This relates directly to the Chain of Survival which is the Early recognition of Cardiac arrest, Early CPR, Early shock & early transport into a Cardiac Care facility. If the first three elements of the chain are achieved before the ambulance service arrive on scene the chances of survival are significantly increased.

Proposed equipment

The equipment we have been advised to purchase by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and First Aid trainers includes a DefibSafe 2 Locked Cabinet and inside a iPAD NF1200 Semi-Automatic defibrillator.


The PCC assessed alternative locations on and adjacent to the church, clearly visible from the road and footpath, with an electricity supply nearby. The west facing wall of the porch is considered to be the best location for ease of access in an emergency.

Costs & timescales

The PCC will cover the running and maintenance costs, but donations are invited for the equipment purchase, in the sum of £1,400 including VAT.

Timescales: aim to purchase and install within circa 2-3 months.

Any queries or donations please contact Jo Stalker, Rose Riley or Richard Dunn.

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