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July 2021

As I write this, I am fresh from a Service of Celebration with the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell and all the newly appointed Church Wardens in the Diocese. Each year, we vote as a Parish to choose a team of people to ensure that our Church is run smoothly and efficiently. The responsibility is great! As wardens, Rose and I have promised to work hard to meet the needs of the community within our church. All the work is voluntary and we still have jobs that need to be filled. We are still looking for a minute taker/secretary and a safeguarding officer both unpaid. The work is rewarding and we have a lot of fun as a team.

It is sad that we are not able to open the doors wide and fill the pews with men, women and children. When we finally get the go ahead to come and go freely, we intend to raise the roof with our songs of thanks and praise. The first and the third Sunday of the month is a Come and Worship and the second and fourth is Holy Communion. We continue our mission on ZOOM every Sunday at 6pm and Thursday at 7pm. We would love to have you join us.

We also have a new Priest in Charge, Simon who has already made his mark on the community with the Baptism of little Ada outside in the open air! A first for Wilberfoss Church to hold a Baptism outside (we think).  It is rumoured that in the year 631 a certain Edwin, King of Northumberland was Baptised here in the open air! Well it might have been here or it could have been nearby, after all, we have a Beck!

Most of you will not have seen the results of the restoration. We are keen to let you see that YOUR CHURCH building is preserved and hopefully will be good for at least another 100 years. If we are permitted then we will be holding another of our archaeological presentations With Cecily Spall.

You may have seen a post on the Wilberfoss Facebook page informing of our food bank collecting service. We are very keen to do our bit and ask that you place your gifts of food in the basket at the Church door each Sunday morning. Only dried and tinned stuff please. Gifts of personal care items are also acceptable. You may do this as you walk your dog or take your daily exercise. Every item is gratefully received.

Steve Percival also works with the Mission for Seafarers and a lot of ladies knit beany hats for him to take to the ships. He and his colleagues are always welcomed as they provide a valuable lifeline. If you are a knitter and wish to while a few hours producing beany hats with your surplus yarn then we will be happy to pass them on.

As you pass by the church  or call with your donations for the food bank, please take a look at the beautiful churchyard which has been tended by volunteers of the community and the Bloomers. We are so grateful for your hard work, thank you.

On the subject of thank you, National Thank You Day is on the 4th July and we will be holding our thank you service on that day.

As always, if you wish to reserve a seat for a service in Church, please contact Diane Dawson on 380626.

If you wish to join our Zoom services then please e mail Steve on stevepercival@hotmail.co.uk.

Jo Stalker, Church Warden 380361

Rose Riley, Church Warden 380795

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